Hardware Upgrades


European Car Hardware Performance Upgrade

Intakes, downpipes, catback exhausts, big turbos, big brake kits, custom exhaust, you name it!


Hardware Upgrades

Deutsche Technik offers a host of vehicle hardware upgrades for all types of vehicles. Superchargers, turbochargers, headers, downpipes, exhausts, oil catch cans, intake manifolds, uprated clutch packs, limited slip differentials, PCV delete kits, blow-off valves, coilovers, sway bars, methanol injection kits, and much more. Really, everything you will ever want or need we can source from our trusted suppliers all over the world. We can also install all these parts for you and tune the car to accept these upgrades. All you have to do is ask, and we can find it. We can also fabricate nearly anything in-house. From roll-cages to exhausts, there is nothing we can’t do.


JRZ Suspension

JRZ makes nothing but absolutely masterpieces, if quality and reliability are your main goals then you've found the one
034 sway

034 Motorsport

034Motorsport was founded in 2005, with a passion for bringing motorsport-quality performance upgrades and tuning to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Making all sorts of suspension components, exhaust parts, catch cans
Tyrolsport brake brace


Tyrolsport has focused on improving the rigidity of cars, producing braces for the brakes, frame, struts also solid subframe bushes
Rennline skid plate


Rennline saw a problem and decided to jump it. Nowadays most vehicles come with plastic oil sumps that are easily damages in case the car bottoms out, so they created skidplates for most VAG vehicles
StopTech Brakes


One of the best and biggest names when it comes to brakes. From the pad upgrade all the way to the big brake kits
DEI insulation

Design Engineering Inc.

Design Engineering Inc. was founded in 1995 with the intent of solving underhood power robbing problems. Since the company opened it has been working towards better insulation components in order to keep heat where it should be kept and get the most performance out of engines


If standard is not enough and you need the absolute best, then Vossen is here just for that. Vossen manufactures its forged wheels in house to ensure the quality of their product.
5 Hardware Upgrades Scorpion Exhaust


Scorpion works closely with REVO to offer some of the best downpipes and exhaust systems on the market. With best-in-class flow performance and the use of quality materials and professional welds, they perform and look great, all while lasting forever

Revo Big Brake Kit

The Revo Big Brake Kit Upgrade is engineered to improve your stopping power in any condition. Whilst stock brakes are perfectly adequate for general driving; the braking system is often overlooked when enhancing a vehicles performance. The Revo brake kit is made by world leading brake manufacturer Alcon
Forge BOV

Forge Motorsport

Founded in 1996 with the focus on highest quality, innovation and innovation. Nowadays Forge makes Brakes, catch cans, blow off valves, wastegates, hoses for a range of vehicles
Tyrolsport brake brace

Leyo Motorsport

Leyo Motorsport has decided to focus their attention to the VAG family in order to provide the best chassis braces, boost and cooling components
mishimoto cooler


Mishimoto is one of the biggest names when it comes to aftermarket performance cooling, from their massively powerful fans to the oil coolers needed when pushing vehicles to their limits


Powerflex bushes are designed to remove the excessive play in the suspension bushes. It uses polyurethane inserts that are much stronger than the conventional rubber bushes that come from factory
Quaife Diff


Quaife makes the best sequential gearboxes and limited slip differentials in the market. If you're looking to put the power down to the floor Quaife is the answer.
6 REVO Tuning


We work with several companies to bring you the best selection of new or used wheels, both original and aftermarket. We offer full transparency on their originality, we will let you know if they are copies and that will of course be reflected in the price. Brand new REVO and ABT wheels are also available.
3 Hardware Upgrades Bilstein Suspension


Few shock absorber and coilover manufacturers are as respected as the German Bilstein company. Bilstein is one of the few companies out there who you can trust to give a great product no matter what product line you choose from.


>Milltek Sport is one of the most well known brands in aftermarket exhaust systems in the world. They are a UK based company that not only engineers their exhaust systems in the UK, but manufactures them there as well.


Girodisc is a Braking Technology Company dedicated to developing the best quality high performance braking components and solutions. Girodisc designs and engineers the replacement discs after documenting and studying the OE brake system and specifically the disc design.