We’ve all been paying a little more attention to our hygiene routines in 2020. The advice from doctors has been to wash our hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. This is one of the most significant ways to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect ourselves from it.

We’ve been keeping our homes really clean, too. Frequently cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces are another way of preventing the virus from potentially entering our bodies.

But what about our cars? It’s really important that we keep our vehicle clean and regularly disinfected as well. This is why you should consider interior cleaning as part of your car maintenance schedule.

Why is it important to keep your car interior clean?

When out and about, we are more likely to come into contact with the virus. It would be possible to transfer the virus into our cars from our clothes and hands. If we are carrying passengers, particularly those from other households, then the risks are greater. If they happen to be carrying the virus, they can shed it in your car through coughing, sneezing, talking and breathing.

However, your car needn’t be a high-risk area. Following the advice below will minimize the risks of both this coronavirus as well as other viruses and bacteria that may pose a health risk.

1. Know your “high-touch” areas

There are several parts of the cabin of your car that pose a greater risk. These are the areas that are touched frequently. Not only are they therefore more likely to have the virus on them, but they can also accumulate nasty build-ups of grime and bacteria.

When cleaning and disinfecting, pay special attention to:

  • The steering wheel
  • The gear shift
  • The key
  • The controls for wipers and lights
  • Radio and AC controls
  • Internal and external door handles
  • The boot release mechanism
  • The seat belt release button and buckle
  • The seats, including additional child restraints

2. Choose your cleaning agents carefully

Simple soap and water is the perfect choice for a DIY car interior clean. We are encouraged to wash our hands with soap and water because soap can break down viruses. It will do the exact same thing in our cars, too.

Soap is also excellent at breaking down oils and removing grime. Plus, it is one of the gentlest options, so you can be sure that it is safe for the majority of materials found on the interiors of your car, including plastics and fabric.

A word of caution: Don’t use too much water on your seats. Excess water will seep into the cushion and may cause the growth of unpleasant, nasty molds. Microfiber cloths are good for thorough cleaning and for controlling how wet the cloth is.

3. Wash vigorously

We are encouraged to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds so that all parts are thoroughly cleaned and the soap has enough time to break down the virus. When you wash the interior of your car, you need to allow the soap to get everywhere it needs to and give it adequate time to do its job.

Car interiors are built to be durable so you can wash vigorously with a soft cloth. But be careful to not go overboard on the more delicate areas, like fabrics. Don’t use abrasive cleaning pads either because they can leave unsightly scratches and rough patches.

4. Reclean frequently

Once you’ve given your car a deep clean, try to keep it clean for a long time by regularly going over high-touch areas.

Encourage everyone who uses your car to wash their hands before getting in, or to use hand sanitizer if this is not possible. This will also help minimize the risk of transferring the virus into and around your vehicle.

5. Consider a professional sanitization process

A DIY clean is no substitute for a professional deep cleaning. If you are worried about the cleanliness of your vehicle and the virus risk associated with it, booking your vehicle in for a thorough sanitization and sterilization process will be well worth the peace of mind.

A professional clean can include the use of antiviral sterilization machines, technologies from the medical sector that can eliminate bacteria and viruses, and the use of UV light and OZONE technology to thoroughly clean your car without the use of harsh chemicals.

A free 45-minute sanitization service is offered at DT Service Centre with a vehicle maintenance service. This includes pick up and drop off. We also offer car AC maintenance and cleaning services that ensure the air circulating in the vehicle cabin is as clean and fresh as possible. Dirty air conditioning systems can allow an increase of nasty particles to circulate around the car.

Keeping your car clean and tidy can’t eliminate the risk of catching the novel coronavirus or other nasty illnesses, but it can make a difference to your overall risk. It will also help you and your family maintain greater peace of mind during these worrying times.

Get in touch with us at DT Service Centre today to schedule your vehicle interior disinfection.