Body Work


European Car Body Repair Service

Body Work

Deutsche Technik offers world-class body work services. We are fully equipped to cater to jobs that require the absolute highest standards. With a fully equipped denting, painting, fabrication, and body moulding team, we are ready for the most demanding jobs. We can even fabricated complete body panels to replace damaged or rusted panels. Accident repair, classic car restoration, full resprays, and even bespoke custom work, we can do it all.

Deutsche Technik is your one-stop shop for all things related to body work. Paintless-dent-removal or smart repair, denting and painting, fiberglass repair, plastic welding, interior refurbishing, sticky buttons, you name it, we can do it. For factory-finish body work, be sure to drop by to take a look at some of our ongoing projects and get a free estimate for any body work or accident repair services you may need.