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European Cars AC Repairing

In the UAE, not having AC is not just a comfort problem, it’s a safety problem.


Car A/C Repair Service Overview

Introduction to A/C Repair

In Dubai, the importance of air conditioning is right up there with food, water, and shelter. With temperatures regularly exceeding 40° C, a lack of air conditioning isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s unsafe. Dubai’s routine high temperatures and humidity mean that your car’s AC is working overtime, all the time. As if that were not enough for our poor A/C units, the climate also serves to dry out the many gaskets that prevent refrigerant from leaking out into the atmosphere. This means that our AC systems are not only under constant load, but also prone to frequent failures. Luckily for us, Dubai’s Deutsche Technik is here to make sure we stay cool, calm, and collected. Take advantage of car A/C repair services and keep your air conditioning unit in tip top condition.

Why do an A/C Repair

Unless you enjoy the extreme heat, the Air Conditioning unit is critical in the heat especially throughout the year here in Dubai. It has been a common factor that the Air Conditioning units can fail along with electrical problems that would further affect the overall car performance.

What are the signs of A/C problems?

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Poor Cooling Performance
  • Noise
  • A/C Odor

  • We offer genuine parts and repair kits for the following cars:

    Audi A/C Repair Service Dubai
    Volkswagen A/C Repair Service Dubai
    Bentley A/C Repair Service Dubai
    Mercedes A/C Repair Service Dubai
    Lamborghini A/C Repair Service Dubai
    BMW A/C Repair Service Dubai



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